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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 26, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the time to do money. without the commission fees and account minimums. so, you can start investing wherever you are - even on the bus. download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. good morning, earn. it is thursday, march 26th. the u.s. has hit a grim milestone as the number of deaths from the coronavirus passes 1,000, according to nbc news. it came as the nation recorded its deadliest day of the outbreak yet. more than 200 yesterday alone. meanwhile, that massive stimulus bill aimed at countering the economic effects of the virus is now in the hands of the house of representatives. majority leader steny hoyer says it will likely be approved by voice vote tomorrow morning and sent to the white house for the president's immediate signature. the senate approved the measure in a unanimous vote late last
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night and adjourned until april 20th with majority leader mitch mcconnell warning senators they could be called back sooner. while the unparalleled 880-page measure is the largest economic relief bill in the u.s. history, at the epicenter of the outbreak, new york governor andrew cuomo says it is not nearly enough to combat this unseen enemy. >> it would really be terrible for the state of new york. the $2 trillion bill, what does it mean for new york state government? it means $3.8 billion. $3.8 billion sounds like a lot of money. new york city only gets $1.3 billion from this package. that is a drop in the bucket as to need. >> joining me now, wong scott. good to have you with us. what has been the reaction to the coronavirus stimulus package that heads to the chamber? we heard governor cuomo saying
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he may call the new york delegation to congress and put appreciate on them or ask them to reconsider their vote for this. >> right. i think all governors are reaching out to their members in congress. but i think they recognize the urgency of this moment, the need for this moment. democratic leaders nancy pelosi and steny hoyer as well as kevin mccarthy and steve scalise have been holding a series of conference calls with their respective members trying to really sell them on this package, showing them, walking them through this package step by step to say, look, there's a lot of good stuff. we didn't get everything that we wanted. progressive certainly wanted more money for snap and food stamps as well as more direct payments going to workers. $1500 rather than the $1200 that is in this senate deal.
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nangs nancy pelosi has argued to the progressives in her caucus that there will be future opportunities, probably a phase four and a phase five in the coming months because the senate is so great and that democrats will be able to fight for some of these additional priorities in these future stages. so certainly not everyone is happy. certainly not governor cuomo. but, again, there will be likely more phases of this stimulus when all is said and done. >>. >> let's talk about what the sticking points were. if everybody came out of this with a claim in this, what does the republicans get, what did the democrats get and ultimately what are the american people going to get? >> i think perhaps the biggest
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sticking point had to do with boosted unemployment insurance. this was a fight that went all the way down to the 11th hour. senate republicans tried to cap unemployment benefits to 100% of employees' salaries. democrats were able to beat that back. democrats have been pushing, obviously, throughout this entire process for more benefits for workers in terms of the direct payments from the irs, in terms of unemployment insurance. democrats feel this is as good of a deal as they can have at this moment and, obviously, you know, there is a sense of
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urgency in terms of calming the fear of the american public and certainly of the stock market. and hospitals are phasing a surge in the number of coronavirus cases. in both china and then in italy at mt. sinai west and in manhattan. the hospital confirmed last night that one registered nurse has passed away. at elmhurst hospital in queens, 13 people died in a matter of 24 hours. one doctor described the situation as apocalyptic. all of the more than 1800 beds in the city are expected to be full by tomorrow and politico is reporting that the department of homeland security has been breached that new york city's morgues could reach capacity by
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next week. a fema spokesperson tells politico that new york has asked for emergency mortuary assistance. and president trump boasted about the american response to the coronavirus outbreak. >> i'm going to say it again. we tested far more than anybody else. >> the united states' population is more than six times that of south yeah. south yeah is testing far more than its citizens of the united states. researchers serious about comparing the nation's responses would have to adjust to per capita rates of adjusting.
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that shows the extent to which the number of tests performance are at risk for infection. when you control for population, the american response compares poorly. it's a tally of 359,000 tests per 327 million people. that works out to about 1,084 tests per 1 million americans. south korea has run closer to 6,. 768 tests per one million of its citizens. the british parliament is now shut down until late april, i believe. what can you tell us? >> it is an emergency registration that would allow are extraordinary measures, never seen in peace time in the united kingdom. the bill has cleared the house
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of lords and will become law shortly, given the government sweeping powers, like being able to shut down premises like bars, restaurants and publics or restrict any sort of event. officials will have the power to close boarders, it will allow for restrictions to be lifted on sick pay. the legislation can be used to enforce new social distancing rules. it even allows for rules relaxing the tension among mental health laws showing how wide ranging the subject matter laws are as the government takes this coronavirus very seriously, maybe a little bit late in the game, but nonetheless very seriously right now. >> over the past couple of weeks, we've been seeing a long list of celebrities, famous
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people, politicians and others, members of parliament, centers for disease control in the u.s. who have tested positive for covid-19. in the uk, prince charles has tested positive for it. what does this mean for buckingham palace? >> there is a sense of shock in this country. a spokesman said that he is displaying mild symptoms, but remains in good health. his wife has been tested and she is negative for the virus. they are both self-isolating in scotland. buckingham palace says the queen was in good health. she is self-isolating. both of them are in their 90s. but it shouldn't, however, come as a huge surprise that prince charles has tested positive.
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he was, after all, attending public engagements among crowds of people and shaking hands until the 12th of march, which underscores the importance of social distancing. of isolating. as this virus knows no race or class. now is prince is 72 years old. that is a dangerous category. but they say he is isolating and in good health, so we have to see how he does in the coming weeks and days. "the washington post" reports that members of the g7 failed to agree on a joint statement after the trump administration insisted on referring to the coronavirus as the wuhan virus according to three officials from g7 countries. the members rejected the term because they viewed it as unnecessarily political at a time when international cooperation is pertinent to slow the spread of the global pandemic. secretary of state mike pompeo
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has brushed off criticism of his use of the term claiming it is important to identify where the virus originated and draw attention to china's responsibility to inform the world about the dangers of the virus. when asked about the g7 members claims, pompeo did not deny the charge but said any among the group were not tactical and sweeping in nature. meanwhile, the united states's insistence on using the term has triggered a stalemate in the u.n. security council as they try to compile a response to the pandemic. the cdc and world health organization have discouraged referring to the coronavirus by geographical denomination due to racial current and violence. d coming up, the doj is using terrorism laws. we're going to get a live report from rome as the death toll in italy reaches yet a new milestone.
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welcome back. law enforcement agencies and chiefs and prosecutors across the united states, jeffrey rosen warned that anyone who intentionally spreads the coronavirus could face criminal charges under federal terrorism laws. the doj set up a task force to manage the hoarding and price gouging of supplies urgently needed for the fight against the deadly virus. earlier this week, attorney general william barr says hoarding of supplies such as masks would be prosecuted. but memos issued say the department of health and human services has yet to formally select the items the administration wants covered by the defense production act. joining me now, danny savales.
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another dimension to this ongoing corona pandemic. this one, walk us through what exactly constitutes federal terrorism law and why someone trying to intentionally spread the coronavirus could face these charges. >> the doj memo covers a lot of good things like scams and other things that come up during a pandemic like this. but the part about terrorism, if you possess this biological agent is probably a little bit of overreaching. while it's true that the coronavirus probably meets the definition under the u.s. code of biological agent, you have to go to the actual crime. and the crime is whoever knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, possesses. and the only one that can really apply is probably possession. and in criminal law, possession, whether actual or constructedive, is about
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control. control over the biological weapon or agent that you have. you don't possess an illness any more than you possess your liver or you possess the bullet you've been shot with. so possession is where this might be a bit of -- >> is transmission on there? i mean, if you walk around knowingly having it and shaking hands and hugging people, would that qualify? >> yeah. the biological agent, it speaks of transfers, acquires, so when you look at the language of the definitional statute, it really speaks more of something that is outside your body. but for those who are concerned, the reason this seems clunky is that this is not the area that the federal government is supposed to legislate. state laws are supposed to address the health, the safety, the morals of its citizenry. and so, not surprisingly, you have hundreds of different laws at the state level that
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criminalize knowingly infecting someone with a disease. so the states are perfectly positioned or i should say better positioned to handle crimes like this than the federal government. the federal government is not traditionally charged with protecting the health of americans. so for those who are concerned, state law may adequately protect against people who would knowingly infect others with coronavirus. so while this doj memo does a lot of good things and addresses a lot of valid concerns, the short part about the biological agents is probably a little much. >> so what are the repercussions the someone is caught hording and raises the prices of supplies? >> this is an interesting thing. the federal government will criminalize or even civilly prosecute people who price fix or otherwise collude to fix prices. i remember conclusion was a big word last year, but this is where it actually applies in federal law. so they will, but at the same
2:19 am
time, a certain amount of price fixing can be lawful, depending on the intent and depending upon the actions of the defendants, whether they work together or whether it's just responding to typical market forces. so this is a very difficult thing to prosecute, but if the doj is focussing on it, they will find a way. >> danny, always a pleasure. thanks, my friend. still ahead, while some states are cracking down amid the coronavirus, others are taking far less aggressive measures. we are back in a moment with those details. cardiovascular disease. millions of patients are treated with statins-but up to 75% persistent cardiovascular risk still remains. many have turned to fish oil supplements. others, fenofibrates or niacin. but here's a number you should take to heart: zero-the number of fda approvals these products have, when added to statins, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. ask your doctor about an advancement in prescription therapies with proven protection. visit
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saying he had no plans to enact a stay at home order at this time. meanwhile, new orleans appears to be on track to become the next epicenter of the pandemic in the u.s. new orleans has recorded the world's highest growth rate in the coronavirus here in the u.s. after new york. that news is raising fears that the city may become a catalyst in spreading the virus across much of the south. according to reuters, authorities have warned that the number of cases in new orleans could overwhelm its hospitals by april 4th. now, despite the rapid spread in louisiana, the governor of neighboring state mississippi said yesterday that he is rejecting, quote, dictator models like china to control people's movements to stop the spread of coronavirus. governor tate reeves says he believes it is possible to get through this pandemic without issuing a stay at home order. let's bring in meteorologist bill karins. he has been tracking the numbers for us on the expansion and the rate of the coronavirus here in
2:24 am
the u.s. z bill, what are the numbers looking like this morning? >> we went over a thousand last night. to put that into perspective, it only took five days for us to go from 250 case toes a thousand fatalities. and you can see there's no flattening of this curve whatsoever. we are still skyrocketing there on that right side. let's go to the total cases in the country. and now we've just about almost hit 69,000 cases. it was only on march 22nd that we were 25,000 cases. by the end of today, it is likely that we will probably pass china's number of cases and we likely could catch italy, too, and we could be the country with the most cases. coming first to update you, we have some weather concerns as we go throughout the day today and through this evening. not a lot of huge issues, but we are going to watch the chance of severe thunderstorms. we're watching areas of kansas and into missouri.
2:25 am
large hail later on tonight and tomorrow and then we're going to see the severe threat even into friday. part of the same areas from tulsa north wards up to kansas city. by the time we get to friday afternoon and evening, some of this heavy rain will shift into the ohio valley. i'm not worried about flood threat too much, but indianapolis through columbus could deal with a good deal of wet weather or rain. and you can see as we go throughout the day today, some light rain in areas of indiana and also into ohio. some of that moisture will slide down towards washington, d.c. as we go through our friday and as we go through friday night. that's when we'll watch that chance of severe storms. so today's forecast, look at how hot it is, guys. areas from houston yesterday, 90. san antonio, 90 today. new orleans, 89 in florida around 86 to 88. so not a ton of weather concerns out there, as far as flatting and that. maybe a few severe storms. one of the other things, we'll talk more about this next half hour. we've had a surge in cases in michigan, florida and louisiana. we'll talk about that, coming up. still ahead, while the death toll from the coronavirus in new
2:26 am
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advanced security to help keep you secure online with fast, reliable internet, and the most tv shows, movies and streaming apps all in one place, xfinity has you covered. with simple digital tools you can get the help you need. just say help into your voice remote or download the xfinity my account app. we're working to make things a little easier on everyone. welcome back. we begin this half hour as new york's coronavirus cases have exponentially shot up reaching nearly 33,000 infections. meanwhile, the death toll has
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become increasingly grim. at least 3200 people have died from covid-19 in this state. the deaths in new york city strikingly account for more than 85% of that number at 280. governor andrew cuomo triggered the spike to resident's sheer proximity to each other. we have one of the most dense close environments in the country. and that is why the virus communicated the way it did. our closeness makes us vulnerable. our closeness makes us vulnerable. that spatial closeness makes us vulnerable. but it's true, that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. and our closeness is what makes us who we are. >> now, according to the city's
2:31 am
department of health, 96% of the deaths involved patients with pre-existing conditions. more than half of the deaths reported were men. although covid-19 cases continues to rise in new york, governor cuomo offered a glimmer of hope that restrictions placed on the state's one epicenter of new rochelle are working to help slow the spread of the virus. >> on monday, the numbers suggested the hospitalizations were doubling every 3.4 days. on tuesday, the projection suggested that the hospitalizations were doubling every 4.7 days. now, that is almost too good to be true. but the theory is, given the density that we're dealing with, it spreads very quickly, but if you reduce the density, you can reduce the spread very quickly.
2:32 am
>> and since the state's call for backup for its already inundated hospitals, more than 40,000 health care workers including retirees and students have signed up to volunteer. joining me once again, scott wong. good to have you back with us. with another uptick in cases here in new york, governor andrew cuomo says the senate deal does not do enough for the hardest impacted states. he's been trying to make this point that new york is making up the bulk of cases in the u.s. and should at least get more of the resources, both ventilators and now money. how do you see him having any impact whatsoever on lawmakers and how they might vote on the stimulus package, if at all? >> well, you are seeing that translate into statements from some new york congressional members, including max rose of staten island alexandria ocasio-cortez who has been pushing for more funding for
2:33 am
workers. however, chuck schumer, the senior senator from new york was the one who negotiated this deal. you have to believe that he was constantly on the phone with governor cuomo throughout this entire process. and it just sort of speaks to their competing interests. chuck schumer, while certainly a big proponent of new york, vocal voice for new york, values and priorities, he was trying to manage the entire senate democratic caucus. and all of those competing interests, juggling all of those interests, whereas governor cuomo, i mean, he wouldn't be doing his job as a new york politician if he wasn't fighting for more money for new york. certainly the numbers do bear that out. it has taken the largest hit of any u.s. city or any region. but, obviously, these are all competi competing interests and people are fighting throughout the country for whatever funding them get.
2:34 am
>> so i think a lot of people might be watching this and seeing what may be happening in the next couple of weeks. the president says he wants to have the country, the economy open by easter day, but a new poll actually shows that a majority of americans support a national quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus. could this impact the president's desire to roll back the social distancing guidelines and get the economy up and running again by easter sunday, as he claims? >> well, i think it's important to point out that governors have been the ones, including many republican governors around the country have been the ones to shut down their state economies, their local economies, mike dewine out in ohio, larry hogan in maryland where i am today have been at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, taking the most aggressive measures. and so, you know, i think the president certainly has more
2:35 am
gone on gut instinct when it comes to these types of things rather than polls. if it was all about polls for the president, we probably would see gun control done at this point. but the president relies on his gut instinct. if he thought it was good to reopen the economy by easter, it doesn't look like that's going to be the case. where his words do matter, though, are in places like florida, in places like mississippi. you have republican governors that are following his lead that are not shutting down those local economies, that are keeping businesses open. and that could cause the spread of the coronavirus more and more. and what his words do, i think, is provide protection for some of these republicans to be able to take those positions and
2:36 am
we'll see whether these become the next hot spots for the coronavirus as things spread out and branch out from new york city. >> scott wong, thank you very much. always a pleasure. >> thank you. as the number of coronavirus cases around the world nears almost half a million, spain surpassed china in total deaths of 738 in the span of 24 hours yesterday. it is a grim number. now only second to italy which remains the center of the crisis. the daily death rate declined in italy yesterday after surging the day before with the new total, with the new death total now past 7,500 amid fears that the virus is now spreading to the southern part of the country. and the heir to the british throne, prince charles, has tested positive for the coronavirus, but his wife, camilla, tested negative. both are now self-isolating at their home in scotland. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said there would be no avoiding a complete lockdown of the country if the rate of new infections does not
2:37 am
slow down. as new measures were announced yesterday, reducing public transport, requiring employers to check workers for fever and sanctioning people who don't obey the rules. iran banned travel within its boarders as the country feared a second wave of infections as the official death toll there passed 2,000. thailand closed its boarders to all nonresident foreign nationals, but so far has held off on restricting travel within the country. let's circle back to italy. joining me know from rome, matt bradley. matt has been covering it on a daily basis for us. good to have you with us. what is the latest on the situation there, especially what officials are saying about the rate of infection and concerns that it may spread from the north of the country where it had been concentrated for the past several weeks to the southern part? >> yeah, i feel like i'm bringing you bad news every morning and, you know, this morning is no real difference. there is still an increase in the number of people who have the disease and we're still
2:38 am
seeing a lot of people dieing. it's getting up there, still hovering at that record high from saturday, 793. it's less than that. but, again, as i told you yesterday, we can't hang our assumptions on the day-to-day trending and statistics. one set of, you know, a couple of days of movement doesn't necessarily mean that this is taking a turn. however, i can say and we have seen over the last couple of days a -- not a decrease necessarily in the number of people who are newly contracting this virus, but we're seeing it slow. so that is important. imagine if you're -- if this virus is a car in italy being driven toward a brick wall, it's no longer increasing in speed. it's not going from 50 miles per hour to 55 to 60. it's basically driving at the same rate of speed. but it's still a car driving still towards a brick wall at a high rate of speed, so it's still very, very dangerous. what they're trying to do, what epidemiologists are hoping to see is that this nationwide lockdown will mean that the speed will start to decrease.
2:39 am
and we haven't really seen that in any statistically significant way yet. but one thing that we have started to see, and you mentioned it, another troubling issue, we're starting to see the virus spreading south to where i am in rome. it's interesting, we have these huge numbers out of italy. almost all of that, about two-thirds is concentrated in the north, specifically lombardy and milano. now we're seeing an increase, a significant one here in the south around rome and further south. so those numbers could start to even out and could start to see more of a balance throughout the entire country. but until now, that had been of great curiosity to partymakers. why is it there was a lopsided difference between the case loads in the north and in the south here in rome. it's actually not that big of a number of cases. it is really concentrated so much further north. >> and i think officials are probably going to wonder how with a lockdown it has managed to spread if people themselves
2:40 am
are not actually moving from the north to the south. nbc's matt bradley reporting live for us from rome this morning. thanks, matt. still ahead, state and local officials are increasingly taking matters into their own hands to stop the spread of the coronavirus with a number of new stay at home orders taking effect. and battleground pennsylvania moving to postpone its presidential primary. your first look at "morning joe." back in a moment. when cravings come on strong, be stronger... with nicorette coated ice mint.
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make sure that the network is working all the time. we are constantly looking at it, we're constantly monitoring. we take that responsibility very seriously. the most rewarding thing about the work we do is whenever we see a customer able to communicate back to their loved ones. that is why we do what we do. (vo) we're relentlessly committed to the network. so in times like this, we can all stay connected to work, school, and most importantly, to each other. is local governments continue to do what they can to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. the idaho governor set to issue a stay at home order set to last 21 days. colorado issued a stay at home order for his own state set to last just over two weeks. they issued a caution saying now is not the time to die. new jersey's largest city,
2:44 am
newark, and battleground state pennsylvania state to postpone its primary by five weeks to june 2nd after garnering unanimous approval on from both chambers of the state legislature yesterday. governor tom wolf is expected to approve the measure by the end of the week. let's get a quick check on both your weather and some of the coronavirus numbers that we've been looking at every morning with bill karins. bill, walk us through it. >> i want to bring it region by region because yesterday was interesting. we've had a huge surge in numbers in the northeast because mainly of the new york numbers. yesterday the midwest and south was greater than the northeast. we're starting to see a surge in numbers in areas like louisiana, florida, michigan has had a big surge in their numbers, too. you can see yesterday we added 14,000 new cases. it was the most daily new cases that we've had since we started this. and as far as the march calendar
2:45 am
goes, you can see, you know, we started this week at 33,000. now we're at 70,000. by the time we get done with today, we'll have more cases than china. china right now is about 81,000 cases. so let's get into what we're going to deal with as far as your weekend forecast. a lot of people still triegs to get outside and get out of your house. piets been very warm and it's going to stay very warm throughout the southern half of the country. on friday, we'll have a little bit of rain to deal with in areas from illinois through indiana and the ohio valley. the northeast won't be too bad. by the time we get into saturday, we'll have a decent size storm. indianapolis and chicago. rainy weather there in minnesota, so not the best saturday for you. we'll see rain moving through areas of pennsylvania to d.c. and late in the day in areas like new york city. by sunday, notice the southern half of the country still looks pretty good, but the great lakes into the northeast on sunday doesn't look the best. to all of friends on the west coast looking unsettled, also. as obviously everyone has been
2:46 am
focused with huge numbers out of the new york city tri state area. now we're going to wait and see what other epicenters we get for the number of cases and all eyes on florida. they had a big jump yesterday and we'll have to see what happens today. >> and it's a point that the governor of new york, andrew cuomo has been making over and over again in his press conferences. right now, new york is going towards it's apex faster than other states or other cities, but it will spread to other parts of the country. so he's saying help new york get through this so that new york can then turn around and help other parts of the country get through it. so it will be interesting to see if other governors and officials heed his warning. bill karins, as always, thank you, my friend. a pleasure. this morning, how this morning's numbers on unemployment claims might impact u.s. markets as the dow comes off its first two-day rally since early february. but there are few companies still hiring amid the coronavirus outbreak. the stories driving your business day are next. yes. the first word to any adventure. but when allergies and congestion strike, take allegra-d... a non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant.
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the u.s. will get its first glimpse of how much the coronavirus pandemic has affected the economy with jobless claims later this morning. cnbc's jegeoff of hours from now. what can we expect in terms of how the markets may respond to that grim picture? >> very good morning to you. i think one of the challenges is uncertainty here because the range of forecasts around this jobless claims number is huge, anywhere between two to 4 million. those are the numbers the investments banks have pencilled in, which means it's very difficult to figure out whether the unemployment rate is going to be at 10% or 7% or 8%, and that uncertainty is affecting investor sentiment. we are seeing the future suggesting we will not get a follow-on positive day here despite back to back gains from the dow.
2:51 am
what's encouraged is i think there are over 430,000 jobs coming up in the retail sector and a number of companies like lowes and amazon and walmart are out there trying to recruit at the moment to service this additional demand as people still buy online despite being stuck at home. back to you. >> geoff, let me get your thoughts on boeing, obviously a company that's been in the headlines a lot this year for a whole host of reasons this year, but now once again in the headlines because it is expected to get some aid in that senate relief or stimulus package expected to pass later this week. what can you tell us about that? >> it's a fascinating story. of course this company has been in a lot of people's bad books because of the way it's mismanaged recent product issues, but buried deep within that stimulus package there is a line around security, and that allows a company like boeing to
2:52 am
benefit from the stimulus plan, so potentially there could be billions of dollars in there for boeing to keep this company alive as there are concerns, obviously, of the broader economic impact on a business like boeing because the aviation sector right now is shut down because of coronavirus. back to you. >> geoff cutmore live in london for us. always a pleasure. thanks my friend. up next, a look at "axios's" one big thing. the u.s. coronavirus death toll passes 1,000 on the nation's deadliest day of the outbreak so far as hospitals across the country contend with the shortage of medical supplies and the overwhelming surge in patients. new jersey governor phil murphy will be our guest. plus, economists expect this morning's report on unemployment claims will show up to 4 million people applied for benefits last week. former deputy labor secretary seth harris will join the conversation. "morning joe" just moments away.
2:53 am
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2.3% of patients reported joint pain. prescription power. proven to work. now with a new indication. ask your doctor about vascepa. i'll be speaking with tony. i'll be speaking with debra. i'll be speaking with some of the people they like and respect and they're going to bring along with this em.
2:56 am
we'll be speaking to vice president mike pence and steve and we'll be speaking with everybody. i'm not going to do anything rash or hastily. i don't do that, but the country wants to get back to work. our country was built to get back to work. we don't have a country where they say hey, let's close it down for two years. we can't do that. it's not our country. so we're going to be talking, and it could be we'll do sections of our country. there's big sections of our country that are very little affected by what's taken place. then there are other sections that are very heavily affected. there's a big difference. no, i would say by easter we'll have a recommendation and maybe before easter, and at the end of the 15th day or even during the 15th day, i think we'll have some kind of a recommendation, but our country wants to get back to work. >> let's bring in white house reporter for the associated press jonathan lemire. good to have you with us. we're at an interesting point right now. the senate has just passed this bill. the president's trying to rush
2:57 am
this country back into opening up. all of the data, all the science, all the assessments from people like governor andrew cuomo here in new york suggest that we are far away from the apex of this crisis right now. >> right, let's start with a fact check what the president's saying he doesn't do anything hastily or rash. i think we have three plus years of evidence to know that's not quite true. we're obviously heading towards a real inflection point in this crisis. the president and a number of his senior advisers in the white house really want to forge forward here and try to get at least portions of the country and the economy back running again. their plan is at the end of these 15 days, which we're down to the last five or so, that they'll perhaps loosen some things then, and then of course easter sunday which is april 12th even more. and they've chosen that date, it's symbolic, one. some around the president say it's a little aspirational, one of his economic advisers peter navarro was quoted yesterday
2:58 am
saying this is a plan. we want to have it that day, easter be the economic resurrecti resurrection, if you will, of this nation. the president is antsy to forge forward, establish some normalcy again, and this shouldn't be forgotten, keep an eye towards his re-election campaign. >> let me get your thoughts on somebody who covers the white house regularly, how much is this being driven to some extent by a political calculation, not necessarily by the overall health and science that is being presented to the president? >> the politics here play a significant role. the president tweeted yesterday, in fact, yesterday afternoon saying he blamed the media for being the driving force behind pushing for the nation to remain in sort of a lockdown, and he claimed in this tweet that it was because the media wanted to hurt his re-election chances, which of course is not the case. his own health advisers are counseling him that easter feels hasty. there may come a time they might need to break with him and
2:59 am
suggest this might endanger others. the optimistic talk from the white houseflies in stark contrast. new york city is going through it right now, and it's only going to get worse. the united states just crossed the thousand death mark of this crisis. there's a belief here in new york that we might even still be two weeks away from the peak here in new york city. new york governor cuomo says is foreshadowing what could happen in other parts of the country when they become the hot spot. >> there are some that are suggesting this could be in november a referendum on how the president has handled this issue alone. the trump campaign has filed a cease and desist airing this ad from priorities usa. >> the coronavirus. >> this is their new hoax. >> we have it totally under control. it's one person coming in from china. >> one day it's like a miracle, it will disappear. >> when you have 15 people and within a couple of days it's
3:00 am
going to be down to close to zero. >> we really think we've done a great job in keeping it down to a minimum. >> i like this stuff. i really get it. people are surprised that i understand it. >> no, i don't take responsibility at all. >> priorities usa actions is responsible for the content of this ad. >> quick thought from you, guy cecil is going to be up on "morning joe" in just a minute, but give me your final thought. >> i don't know that the president's lawsuit will be successful. that's obviously a devastating ad. you're going to hear that from democrats nonstop from here to no november. >> "morning joe" starts right now. when you have 15 people, and the 15 in a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero. that's a pretty good job we've done. i'm a wartime president. this is a war, different kind of a war than we've ever had. >> our country's not supposed to be -- it's not built to shut down. our people are full of vigor a


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